The Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer is the ideal companion for your adventures on the road. With the capacity to carry up to 8 people in addition to the driver, this van has been designed to make your life easier and open new horizons of leisure, offering you an exemplary level of safety.

With a powerful and efficient diesel engine, this model provides you with the power needed to enjoy your trips without worrying about fuel consumption. In addition, its automatic transmission provides a smooth and effortless drive, allowing you to enjoy the journey to the fullest.

With 9 seats available, this van offers ample space to accommodate all your passengers comfortably. Whether you are planning an outing with friends or family, the Vito Tourer guarantees enough space for everyone to travel in comfort. Mercedes Benz has equipped this van with the most advanced systems to ensure the protection of all occupants. From anti-lock brakes (ABS) to electronic stability control (ESP), this vehicle is designed to always offer you a safe ride.

With 116 horsepower, the Vito Tourer gives you the power you need to tackle any challenge on the road. Whether you’re climbing a hill or maneuvering through city traffic, this van will provide you with the responsiveness and performance.

In short, this Mercedes Benz van combines comfort, safety, and power in one vehicle. If you are looking for a spacious and reliable van for your group travel, look no further. The Vito Tourer offers everything you need to enjoy every mile of your adventure.

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