The S 560 e was the first model to debut all the components of the current generation of plug-in hybrids, including fuel consumption, combined CO2 emissions, and electric consumption. The latest-generation components offer improved electric performance and, finally, enhanced comfort thanks to faster charging times for all our customers.

In 2009, Mercedes-Benz made its debut in the first hybrid generation with the S Class 400 Hybrid, featuring a 15-kW electric motor directly integrated into the combustion engine without a separating clutch. This meant that the electric motor could recover energy during braking and enhance acceleration but couldn’t start the vehicle autonomously. In the second generation, the electric motor was positioned at the transmission input and could operate independently of the combustion engine (gasoline or diesel).

The highly efficient battery system in the S 560 e Class comes, for the first time, from Daimler’s subsidiary Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE. Despite a 50% increase in energy content, the dimensions of the new battery are smaller than its predecessors, allowing for more useful space in the vehicle. Thanks to an integrated charger, the battery can be charged from 10 to 100 percent SoC (state of charge) in approximately 1.5 hours using a Mercedes-Benz Wallbox at full power. A conventional household power outlet can also be used for a full recharge in five hours.

The S-Class’s hybrid management system offers four operating modes, and the driver can select from five driving programs that control the interaction of its technology. The driver always has the final decision to use the dynamic combination of the electric motor or for the efficient luxury sedan mode. In the latter case, the active management system minimizes the use of the combustion engine and ensures optimal battery charging for the current route.

Additionally, the ECOAssist technology utilizes data from all driving assistance systems, including the navigation system, providing guidance to the driver on when it’s best to release the accelerator, both on the display and through resistance feedback in the accelerator pedal. The reward is many more kilometers without utilizing the combustion engine and more opportunities to enjoy the unique comfort of the S-Class.

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