The Balloon Museum has chosen Madrid to host an interactive temporary space of inflatable art until July 23rd. This unique space has already been a great success in Milan, Paris, and Rome. It was created by a team of curators specialized in contemporary art exhibitions where air is a key element.

The Pop Air exhibition includes 15 pieces, including the environmental installation “Aria, The Breath,” the immersive experience “Pepper’s Ghost,” and the “Airship Orchestra” by Eness. Visitors travel through large-scale installations with unexpected shapes. The immersive installation “Hypercosmo” and “Never Ending Story” by the duo MOTEREFISICO are the two artworks that have gained international popularity.

Hypercosmo is an immersive installation composed of video projections, sounds, and movements of different elements, while MOTEREFISICO is a piece that welcomes visitors into a world where conventional spatial references are lost, immersing us in a multiple universe.

The exhibition gained popularity after appearing in an episode of “Emily in Paris” starring Lily Collins, where the protagonist visits the museum and explores the giant ball pit, luminous sculptures, and original inflatable installations. This unconventional approach to culture is fascinating and intriguing for adults and children alike, contributing to the consolidation of inflatable art as one of the world’s most acclaimed “Pop” movements.

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