Emilia-Romagna is a generous land that offers countless pleasures both gastronomic and architectural. Its central location in the peninsula makes it a region where so many cultures have crossed over the centuries.

Certainly, the most “emblazoned” city, surrounded by a somewhat punk and easygoing aura, is Bologna, but in the region’s hinterland there are other cities you should definitely see, including, Modena.

Over time the settlements of Etruscan and Gallic origin were replaced by a thousand Romans who laid the foundations of the city we know today. Several influences and dominations followed, from the Este family to the French and Austrians, who settled in the area on various occasions.

Following the Fall of the Roman Empire, the city experienced a period of rebirth under the d’Este family. Eventually it became the capital of the Este dominions in 1500s when the Duke of Ferrara was forced by the papacy to abandon the city. The Duchy of Modena marks the city’s heyday, which also welcomed Napoleon Bonaparte during the French Revolution.

Amid myths and legends, Modena has always been watched over by the watchful eye of Saint Geminianus. He did not only care for Eastern Emperor’s Jovinianus daughter, who summoned him to Constantinople, but he is also said to have saved the city from two invasions. The first one by shrouding the city in thick fog, thus preventing Attila, king of the Huns from sacking it, and the second by the French led by Charles D’Amboise in 1511, appearing to the commander and frightening him into retreating the entire army that was marching on ahead.  

Brutal invasions alternated with welcome and mysterious ones as well: the Templars also passed through the city, making it a veritable gathering place that can still be visited quietly today, as it takes up an entire street, Vicolo Masone. On the journey to the Holy Land, many people would stay here to rest and find refreshment. “Masone” comes from the French word “Maison,” “house,” which is why it was known as “The House of the Templars.”

The city has sites that are registered in UNESCO World Heritage Sites, namely The Cathedral of Modena, the Civic Tower (Ghirlandina) and Piazza Grande.

It is also an attractive hub of world cuisine, being the city where Massimo Bottura’s L’Osteria Francescana was repeatedly awarded as the best restaurant in the world other than producing the famous and delicious balsamic vinegar and gnocco fritto.

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