“Entrepreneurs from all over the world meet in Spain” – FORBES.

EIT Food will participate this year in the South Summit, one of the most relevant events for entrepreneurs, companies, and investors looking to generate business and shape the future. The leading companies, startups, and institutions from around the world that are working to accelerate innovation in different sectors will gather from June 7th to 9th at La Nave in Madrid, Spain.

Imagine being in 2030 and having achieved one of the greatest milestones in human history: a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. 2030 will be a critical turning point on our path to a net-zero economy. It is important to learn and draw inspiration from our future selves, making difficult decisions, adapting, and innovating along the way to reach our goal. Here are some of the topics you can explore and delve into:

  • ClimaTech: Using innovation and creativity to save the planet with conscious investments, gigacorns, ESG metrics, and much more.
  • Nutritious Economy: Companies must rethink how they build, adapt, and contribute to achieving Net Zero by 2030.
  • Data and Digitalization: Exploring the power of data in industries and our society in terms of transparency, ethics, etc., to create a better and more collaborative future.
  • Innovation and Ecosystem: Learning together how to collaborate with all ecosystem actors, create opportunities, and invest in what future generations deserve.
  • Future of Money: Fintech in 2030 will go beyond finance. We are witnessing a wave of solutions that are restructuring the financial system as we know it.
  • Industry 5.0: Through construction, robotics, data, logistics, and transportation, we are redefining the structures that will transcend us.
  • Humanity: 2030 will be centered around human beings. We need wise development of societies, considering all aspects.
  • Energy Transition: We are promoting clean energy, accelerating decentralization and decarbonization of the industry, and providing sustainable and accessible energy for all.
  • Agritech & Food: Regenerating our ecosystem is crucial to truly feed future generations and growing populations.
  • Health: Data, Robotics, IoT, and Digitalization are restructuring a more decentralized and accessible healthcare system in 2030.

Missing out on such an exclusive and cutting-edge event is not an option! Discover all the offers designed for you and book the Mercedes-Benz model you like the most. Get ready to experience the country’s history with maximum comfort and luxury. Contact us at +34 636827152, info@edilfarrent.es, or visit our website.