Edilfar Rent Spain S.L. was born in Madrid in 2019, right in the heart of Spain. It is a concrete example of our commitment and willingness to offer our exclusive and cutting-edge services, even abroad. With a population of 6.642 million inhabitants (Eurostat), Madrid holds 3 Edilfar Rent offices in Mercedes-Benz dealerships in Spain, showcasing the result of over 20 years of collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Italy and the unmatched professionalism of our team in providing private rental services in Spanish territory.

Edilfar Rent S.L. represents the first step towards the internationalization of the Italian company Edilfar Rent Srl, which remains the cardinal point for all the offices abroad. All our offices are in Mercedes-Benz dealerships, catering to customers of the House of the Star with our Courtesy Car service, and to the public with short-term car rental services. In other words, we offer solutions for our exclusive clients, tourists, and corporate/business customers, covering a wide area of the Spanish capital through the diversified location of our 3 Edilfar Rent offices.

Our largest location is just 10 minutes away from Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas International Airport, which provides direct transportation to the airport. The airport is situated 12 km northeast from central Madrid and is not only Spain’s main airport but also the fifth largest in Europe in terms of passenger traffic and the European hub with the highest number of direct flights to Barcelona and Latin America. That’s why we offer all our customers the convenience of choosing our direct airport transfer service, which takes less than 15 minutes from our office at Calle de Alcalá 728, Madrid.

Our second most central office in Madrid is located on Calle de Don Ramón de la Cruz 105, in the neighborhood known as the Salamanca district, considered one of the residential areas inhabited by the country’s political and economic elites. In recent decades, the district has seen corporate, diplomatic, and commercial presence, developing into one of the key areas for luxury fashion in the capital. It is no coincidence that Edilfar Rent’s location in Don Ramón de la Cruz is highly appreciated by corporate clients.

Lastly, Pinto’s office in Calle Sierra Nevada 3 is in the southern part of Madrid, where most of the convenient highway exits are located if you are traveling towards the beautiful southern region of Spain.

Edilfar Rent Spain’s fleet also includes electric mobility options. We offer plug-in hybrid cars, as well as gasoline and diesel vehicles, with the aim of respecting the common need in Europe to significantly reduce emissions by 2035. Although the capital has adopted a very restrictive policy in the central areas, most of our cars carry the blue low-emission label, allowing our customers to access Madrid’s restricted traffic zones (“ztl”).

Don’t miss out on all our news and exclusive deals. If you are looking for the perfect combination of elegance and sustainability, choose our new luxury sedan with plug-in recharge, the S 560e EQ-Power. Enjoy the Spanish capital while respecting the environment without compromising.

Visit our website and discover all the deals designed for you. Contact us via email at info@edilfarrent.es or call +34 636827152.