The has definitely changed the habits of many of us, both in terms of people’s interaction, but also in space interpretation and environmental “sensitivity”.

Concerning the automobile production for example, attention to the cleanliness of cabin air has become an important issue. We are not talking about smog filtering, installed and used for decades in today’s cars, rather purifying the air we breathe from pathogens instead.

Lexus has added in its offerings in its “Climate Concierge” package, made of Panasonic Nanoe X nanoparticles within the air stream, responsible for destroying 99% of viruses and bacteria through an ingenious mechanism relying on water molecules.

The mechanism consists of placing water molecules inside the air flow coming into the passenger compartment from the air conditioner’s ventilation ducts. When in contact with the air, the water’s molecule hydroxyl radicals (an oxidizing radical naturally present in the atmosphere), can inhibit up to 99% of viruses, bacteria, allergens and some types of molds, as well as prevent a dispersion of moisture and reduce odors.

The package was first tested in Lexus’ 2021 ES model, but is now also available for UX, RX, and RZ, coming in 2023 on other models as well.

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