The Royal Palace of Aranjuez was declared a World Heritage Site in Spain for its extensive and impressive gardens in 2001. In 1561, Philip II ordered the replacement of the old residence of Aranjuez with a new building, which served as a precursor to the current Royal Palace. Between 1660 and 1665, it was affected by fires, and Ferdinand VI undertook its reconstruction. During the reign of Charles III, two lateral wings were added, reflecting the French taste of the time.

The gardens surrounding the palace were designed, constructed, and decorated with the same refinement and care as the construction of the Royal Palace. The Jardín de la Isla, Jardín del Parterre, and Jardín del Príncipe are three of the most impressive gardens in Aranjuez. The Casa del Labrador is a splendid building from the Bourbon dynasty, and the Museo de las Falas is located near the pier.

The Old Town of Aranjuez is a unique example of Baroque urban planning, designed in 1747 by Giacomo Bonavia. Its impressive houses with courtyards, domes, mansions, convents, balconies, squares, and wide streets bear witness to four centuries of history. Aranjuez was inhabited by settlements from the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, as well as by the Romans.

The municipality has held the title of Royal Site since the time of the Catholic Monarchs, but it was the Bourbons who gave it the definitive impetus. In 1835, the Aranjuez City Council was established José Ignacio de Ibarrola as the first mayor. In 1899, it received the title of Villa, and in 1940, the master Joaquín Rodrigo premiered his famous Concierto de Aranjuez, a musical composition for guitar and orchestra.

In addition, the Aranjuez Early Music Festival is held between May and June, offering concerts for all tastes. Aranjuez’s gastronomy is largely based on local produce and the hunting tradition of the monarchy, with typical specialties such as asparagus, pheasant, and frog legs.

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