E-mobility represents a unique opportunity to make private and public mobility sustainable, but it still needs targeted investment, innovation and, above all, citizens’, businesses’, and institutions’ awareness.

The European project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is moving swiftly toward its deadline, scheduled for 2035 in the Old Continent with an electric-only vehicle trade. Europe has just over a decade, and meanwhile electric numbers are on the rise, slight distrust seems to persist in the Italian peninsula.

The price of cars, still considered very high, and the perceived shortage of columns are the first grievances of a hard-to-persuade customer like the Italian one. However, except for a slight downturn at the end of 2022, Italy seems willing to embrace the transition to electric (about 75%, according to research by Prima Assicurazioni for Nielsen). According to the respondents, this transition should be supported, at least at beginning stage, by government incentives (31.3 % are held back by the car’s price deemed unaffordable, and 17.7 % would like to see government concessions along these lines).

According to common sentiment then, a synergy between the public and private sectors would surely open up a faster “conversion,” in a transportation world in need of renewal.

According to the latest data from Ispra (Institute for Environmental Protection and Research), in Italy the transport sector generates 25.2 % of total climate-changing emissions, 92.6 % of which comes from road transport.

Precisely, the sector is responsible for about 50% of emissions of nitrogen oxides and 13% of particulate matter (airborne particulate matter). On the continental level, according to the European Environment Agency (EEA), the transport sector produces roughly a quarter of total CO2 emissions in Europe, 71.7% of which comes from highway transport.

In fact, cars are among the main contributors to air pollution in Europe, considering that they cause 60.7 percent of transport-related CO2 emissions, according to data from the European Parliament.

The 2035 stop to endothermic cars is on the horizon, and Europe is getting ready for change.  

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