The range of car types that a customer renting a car in 2023 faces is quite extensive and caters to all needs, both environmental and low consumption.

Electric cars are perfect for city driving, given the many advantages they offer when renting, such as free parking or access to low emission zones in city centers.

But what about plug-in hybrids and hybrids?

Are they the same thing but with fancier names? Does anything change in terms of engine and performance? Do they have the same advantages as electric cars?

Let’s organize the different car types, trying to understand what sets them apart:

If the internal combustion engine car is like the trusted bar where we’ve always gone with friends, let’s start with the Mild Hybrid (MHEV), the first point of contact between combustion and electric additions. It is a normal combustion car (in fact, it runs on fuel, not electricity) that, when starting, has a small battery (usually 12 or 48V) that replaces the starter motor during acceleration, adding Start/Stop technology that stores energy for later. While it may not operate solely on electric power, this “coupling” saves around 12% in fuel consumption and emissions.

For a more impactful boost of electric power, we move on to plug-in hybrids, or PHEVs. They combine the combustion engine and the electric motor, requiring a slightly larger battery than in the previous case. In addition to recharging during braking, these batteries can be charged directly via a plug, reducing CO2 emissions compared to the previously mentioned cars.

With a plug-in hybrid, it is possible to drive in electric mode for 50-60 km, and the dual motor provides good horsepower along with low consumption. They offer various driving modes, from electric-only to hybrid to combustion engine with battery recharge, and typically a 4×4 Hybrid utilizes both motors.

And now we arrive at the BEV Full Electric cars, which are combustion-free. They have zero emissions and charge by connecting to an electrical source. Their range is determined not so much by driving style but by the size of the battery housed in the vehicle, which provides autonomy depending on its size.

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