Madrid is one of the most avant-garde cities in Europe. The truth is that, despite what may be thought or said, official data and information counts. For this reason, today we will talk about the sustainable mobility and environmental policies implemented by the municipal government of Madrid.

For the first time last year, Madrid complied with the European directive on air quality since its implementation in 2010. Thanks to the Madrid 360 Strategy, after 12 years, the capital has finally been able to breathe healthier air, maintaining the measures implemented in early February 2020.

Concrete examples of this Strategy include the use of Zero-Emission buses, progressive restrictions on more polluting tourism, banning coal boilers, expanding low-emission zones, and decarbonizing the EMT fleet. But credit must also be given to Madrid’s citizens for their adaptability to progress.

For example, to increase demand and use of buses, citizens were offered 40 days of free service, benefiting a total of 34 million passengers, among whom 10.4 million were not regular public transport users. In other words, Madrid 360 has been, and continues to be, an effective strategy for the city’s sustainability.

Thanks to Madrid 360, a new trend of increasingly sustainable mobility has emerged throughout the capital. In fact, since June 2019, the circulation of vehicles classified as ‘A’, the most polluting ones, has decreased from 65% to representing only 2.7% of all registered cars within the M-30 area.

Restricting access to the city for non-resident tourists without the proper emission labels has led to an 18% reduction in the use of ‘B’ vehicles. Additionally, the number of ‘ECO’ vehicles has grown 2.5 times, and ‘ZERO’ emission vehicles have tripled.

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