Even if you have heard of plug-in hybrid vehicles or maybe even seen and/or driven them, you might not be fully convinced of the improvements they can bring to your life and the lives of others. That’s why Edilfar Rent offers you the opportunity to rent one of our hybrid models for as long as you choose, and we also provide you with a guide that covers everything you should know!

Simply choose the new technology that combines the comfort of electric vehicles with the power and range of a combustion engine for long journeys. Additionally, enjoy all the advantages of the zero-emission label, mixed driving with an electric motor range of 70 to 100 km, and a combustion engine in either diesel or gasoline version. If you’re still considering it, we offer you four sufficient reasons to rent a new Plug-In Hybrid Mercedes-Benz with us.

1. Enjoy the advantages of the zero-emission label.

With the extensive electric range of plug-in hybrids, you are guaranteed unrestricted access to areas with the strictest restrictions in urban centers. You can also take advantage of all the parking benefits.

2. Benefit from intelligent efficiency and low consumption.

Combine two ways of experiencing the world: driving with an electric motor in the city, regenerating energy while braking, and traveling with a combustion engine for long journeys. Enjoy the advantages of more efficient driving and a diesel engine combined with electric propulsion in one of our cars.

3. Combine dynamism and comfort.

You can get used to the quiet operation and emission-free driving of your electric vehicle without having to give up the power and range of a combustion engine on long trips.

4. Discover extended range thanks to intelligent propulsion.

Experience intelligent management that selects the ideal propulsion for more efficient energy use by combining internal combustion engines and electric motors, without worrying about power or range.

Discover all the Edilfar Rent’s deals designed for your needs, choose the vehicle you like the most, and make reserve now. For more information about availability, visit one of our 3 offices at Mercedes-Benz dealerships in Madrid. Call us: +34 636827152 or email us at info@edilfarrent.es.