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Edilfar Rent is constantly engaged in research for sustainable mobility that goes far beyond the cars themselves.


In case of breakdowns and/or accidents, calling toll-free 00.800.177.777.77 (Mercedes), 00.800.277.777.77 (Smart) or 800.688.351 (Toyota/Lexus) will help you.

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Don’t know how to reach us? We will pick you up and take you to our nearest location to give you the car of your choice.

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“Heavy Air” and how to change it

E-mobility represents a unique opportunity to make private and public mobility sustainable, but it still needs targeted investment, innovation and, above all, citizens’, businesses’, and institutions’ awareness. The European project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is moving swiftly toward its deadline, scheduled for 2035 in the Old Continent with an electric-only vehicle trade. Europe has…

Fashion calls, Milan answers: Fashion Week 2023 goes electric.

The concept of Fashion Week was introduced in New York back in 1943 with the purpose of promoting American fashion to import clothes from French and Italian houses during harder times like a war context.However, by the end of the war, it gradually expanded to all the centers of haute couture including Paris, London and…

Will it be possible to increase the battery life?

Although Italians look inclined to transition from endothermic to electric engines, recently, there has been a slowdown in the registration of electric cars in Italy.What mainly deters the buyer are the expense still defined as “elitist” in buying a car, and the ongoing quest regarding the battery life duration.The initial plausible fear related to the…

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